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Programmes and papers

Marketing at Otago offers a wide range of papers at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels

Take Marketing papers – either as part of a BCom (Marketing) or as a minor to supplement another degree. Adding a Marketing paper (or two) to your studies will strengthen any degree!

Read about the papers available in the Department of Marketing:

Lecture timetables and venue information for the Department of Marketing can be found on Department noticeboards at the start of each semester, and on Blackboard.

100-level Marketing papers

MART112 Marketing Management

An introduction to the marketing environment, customer types, buyer behaviour, market segmentation and product, pricing, distribution and promotion issues in the context of domestic and international markets.

FOSC112 Introduction to Food Marketing

An introduction to the marketing environment, customer types, buyer behaviour, market segmentation and product, pricing, distribution and promotion issues in the context of domestic and international food markets.

200-level Marketing papers

MART201 Integrated Marketing Communications

The use of marketing communication tools such as advertising, promotion, publicity, public relations and sales management.  The development of media plans and presentation skills will be stressed.

MART210 Consumer Behaviour

An in-depth examination of consumer behaviour, including psychological, sociological, and individual characteristics influencing consumer behaviour and the relationship between business, consumers and global consumption.

MART211 Products to Market

Provides and in-depth understanding of the issues and considerations in the management and pricing of products, illustrates the role of pricing and product management in achieving strategic business goals, demonstrates the link between pricing and product management within the context of marketing channels.

MART212 Understanding Markets

An introduction to marketing research and data analysis and their role in solving problems encountered by businesses.  The emphasis is placed on commissioning, assessing and interpreting quantitative and qualitative marketing research during a professional career.

MART205 Marketing the Professional Practice

Advertising the professional practice; packaging of professional services; measuring and improving client satisfaction; the professional-client relationship; adding value to professional services; building reputation and image; fee setting; ethical issues.

MART207 Sports Marketing

An introduction to the theory and practice of sports marketing, with particular emphasis on the New Zealand situation.

300-level Marketing Papers

MART301 Strategic Marketing Management

Elements of marketing strategy are considered to establish a framework that incorporates marketing within the overall corporate planning process. Processes such as competitor analysis, market segmentation, and positioning are examined.

MART304 Sales and Sales Management

An introduction to the theory and practice of selling and sales management, integrating these concepts into the ’best practice’ of modern business.

MART305 Societal Issues in Marketing

The relationships between marketing, public policy, and social and environmental values are examined with reference to legal issues.

MART306 Innovation and New Product Development

The theory and practice of market-led innovation and new product development from idea generation through to the product launch and post-launch evaluation.

MART308 Integrated Digital Marketing (previously named MART330)

An introduction to integrated digital marketing. The emphasis is placed on digital marketing as a business philosophy, a sociological view of the practice of digital marketing from a consumer viewpoint, consideration of ethical issues, and practical skills and knowledge demanded by employers that will enable graduates to embark on a professional career in the field of marketing.

MART308 will be offered in Summer School 2020

  • MART308:  Course Outline, Summer School 2020

MART325 Services Marketing

Services marketing and service management between firms and their customers. This paper is vital to any understanding of contemporary marketing, including relationship marketing and the co-creation of value.

MART326 International and Export Marketing

The analysis and application of marketing principles in an international context.

MART328 Business to Business Marketing

The creation and management of relationships between companies working in extended networks. A state-of-the-art view of business marketing theory and practice.

MART329 Consumer Behaviour

The analysis and application of marketing principles in an international context.

MART330 Special Topic: Visual Research, Narrative and Filmmaking

An introductory paper on the creation, collection and analysis of visual research methods focused on filmmaking and visual storytelling.

MART330 will be offered in Summer School 2020

  • MART330: Course Outline Summer School 2020

MART333 Creative Marketing Communication

The course focuses on creativity in the context of business communication. It includes future-oriented themes in aesthetics, effectiveness and efficiency of creative communication in mobile and multi-media contexts and the design of digital and physical experience spaces. It develops critical and evaluative skills in cutting-edge live industry projects.

MART 333 is the junior creative course at the University of Otago, and one of the compulsory paper for the Diploma for Graduates in Advertising. It is part of the Brandbach, the University of Otago’s dedicated creative communication program, and it is recommended for MART 469 Advertising Planning and Concept Development. Kindly visit The Brandbach for details.

Visit the Brandbach website

MART355 Business Project - Available 2019

A practical marketing project.

400-level Marketing

Our 400-level lectures are held in Otago Business School - Room 4.26 (with the exception of MART448 and MART469).  You can check the days and times of lectures here MART400 level Timetable Semester 2, 2019

MART448 Advanced Business Analytics

Application of advanced analytics in a business context using SAS. Topics include: data marts, data access and integration, predictive modelling, design of experiments, segmentation, forecasting.

2019 Second Semester

MART460 Advanced Research Methods

This paper asks the question “why do we undertake research?” and considers the different forms of research that are applicable to Marketing. The paper picks up on some of the more practical elements of data collection methods you may have learnt in an undergraduate programme, and links these to different research philosophies. You will be asked to consider your own views on research, and develop a proposal for a research project linked to your particular interests in marketing. Overall, the paper will prepare you to undertake a research project of your own, such as an Honours dissertation, a Masters or a PhD.

2019 First Semester

MART461 Marketing Theory

This paper aims to create awareness and understanding of the different theoretical foundations of marketing thereby broadening and deepening your knowledge and perspective of marketing as an academic discipline, its role in organisations, as well as its broader social and economic functions.

2019 First Semester

MART462 Advanced Marketing Analysis

The applications of quantitative and qualitative research methods to marketing problems and the advancement of marketing theory. This paper will develop applied skills in research design and analysis.

2019 First Semester

MART463 Food Marketing

New Zealand is still critically dependent upon adding value to food products. This course looks at the business of value added by food marketing. It examines the peculiarities and pitfalls of this ancient and ruthless marketplace. The critical importance of market power structures, category management, the point of sale environment and point of sale communication is thoroughly addressed. The paper gives students the chance to work with a real client in producing a design that will increase the performance of their product at the point of sale. Tasks include design, communication plan development, full sale commercial field trials and set piece commercial presentations.

2019 First Semester

MART464 Consumer Behaviour

An exploration of topical issues and current theory in consumer behaviour and consumer research. Contemporary consumer behaviour topics will be covered mainly in the first half of the course. The second half of the semester will cover some traditional consumer behaviour theories, integrated into a project on the importance of material and immaterial things.

2019 Second Semester

MART466 Digital Marketing

An introduction to the application of digital technology in marketing.  Provides students with a deeper understanding of digital marketing theories and online tools available to marketers.  Technical background is not required.

2019 First Semester

MART467 Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing is central to the New Zealand economy. In this paper we combine practical application with sound theoretical knowledge. Seminars discuss theoretical concepts and models of tourism and event marketing, before students undertake a practical marketing project, such as creating a tourism event for the Forsyth Barr stadium in Dunedin or developing operator brands that fit with Dunedin’s destination brand.

2019 Second Semester

MART468 Branding

Development of skills to analyse and manage brands effectively, based on current theoretical understanding in the academic branding literature and its application to contemporary cases.

2019 Second Semester

MART469 Advertising Planning and Concept Development

The history, current practice and possible futures of the planning function in advertising and the development and execution of creative concepts.

2019 Second Semester

MART 469 is the senior advertising course at the University of Otago. It offers 10 intensive weeks on strategic and digital engagement planning, content generation and concept development in the high-performance context of the creative industries. The course is both accessible to marketing postgraduates with a creative talent and students of the dedicated Diploma for Graduates Endorsed in Advertising.

Visit The Brandbach website

MART470 Special Topic

Not available 2019

MART475 Advanced Societal Issues in Marketing

Explores negative and unintended consequences of marketing activity, and examines the extent to which marketing can help resolve social and health problems.

Cannot be credited together with MART470 taken in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

2020 Semester Two

  • Read the Course Outline for MART475 Advanced Society Issues in Marketing

MART480 Honours Dissertation

The Honours Dissertation is an opportunity for you to undertake a research project aligned to your personal interests and skills in Marketing. The Dissertation spans the academic year and requires you to develop your own project, and position it within Marketing theory. You will have an academic supervisor for the duration of the dissertation, but the project is your own and, as such, is a fantastic opportunity to develop your knowledge and research skills in Marketing.

2017 Full Year 40 points