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Josie Beverwijk Power, To a Point: Is the power to add and remove discretionary beneficiaries of a trust fiduciary? (PDF)
Amanda Jane Brosnan Pro Patria et Regina: Liability of the NZDF for death and injury of service personnel on overseas operations (PDF)
Annagel Burgess Climate change and the RMA: Consideration of Greenpeace New Zealand Incorporated v Genesis Power Ltd and West Coast Ent Inc v Buller Coal Ltd (PDF_
Elizabeth Prudence Christmas Playing to the crowd? A critical analysis of Equity Crowdfunding in the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (PDF)
Maria Clezy Wilson Parking Ltd v Fanshawe 136 Ltd: The approach to relief in cases of equitable Estoppel (PDF)
Ella Florencia Collis Personal Data Down the Memory Hole: Search Engine Operator Liability in European Data Protection Law (PDF)
Josephine Cutfield Exceptional measures: The pursuit of non-trade objectives in light of the Ec-Seal Productis Dispute (PDF)
Hugo Dobson Facebook Hosts and Third Party Posts: Defamation in the Internet Age (PDF)
Emma Dowse Political purposes and charity law in New Zealand - The public benefit requirement: opportunities, issues and solutions in response to Re Greenpeace of New Zealand Incorporated (2014) NZSC 105 (PDF)
Alice Eager "Enough is Enough" Achieving the protection of Maori freehold land from public works acquisition (PDF)
Edward Elvin Good faith, or a good fake? The role of good faith in the performance of commercial contracts (PDF)
Tom Ryan Alexander Gilchrist Is our trust in the court and illusion? A critique of the law of illusory trusts post Clayton b Clayton (2015) NZCA 30 (PDF)
Lance Green Does the definition of "Property" in the Crimes Act 1961 include electronically stored data? The computer says "No" (PDF)
Jordan Grimmer Untangling our land-based torts: the woes of Wu v Body Corporate 366611 (PDF)
Oliver Hailes Globalised Constitutional Realism: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement within New Zealand's Constitution (PDF)
Devon Helm Digesting the double helix: Receptions and misconceptions of DNA evidence in the New Zealand criminal trial (PDF)
Amber Hosking Intimate with the Internet: Does New Zealand's law provide adequate protection in cases of non-consensual pornography? (PDF)
Kate Kensington Treatment of offenders withing the community: The issue of consent (PDF)
Campbell Lang Trustee unanimity and third parties: Have the courts got it wrong? (PDF)
James Christopher Little Couch fires and keg parties: University regulation of student conduct (PDF)
Cheng-Hsin (Jack) Liu How to clean up the mess: A critical review of the Commissioner's discretion to reconstruct (PDF)
Laura MacKay The non-state actor Lacuna: Reconciling Isil and International Law (PDF)
Emmet Maclaurin The application of the British criminal law towards Maori during the early colonial period (PDF)
Olivia Norling The first 1000 decisions of the Supreme Court of New Zealand: A study in how the court grants leave (PDF)
Madeline Ollivier Russia's resurgence: An International Legal Analysis or Russia's intervention in Ukraine (PDF)
Yasmin Helena Olsen Whiti Te Ra! Does the Haka Ka Mate Attribution Act 2014 signify a step into the light for the protection of Maori cultural expressions? (PDF)
Shivana Pemberton A Paradise for Parodies: The need to introduce a defence of parody to the Copyright Law of New Zealand (PDF)
Erwin Ricketts Religiously motivated discrimination in the commercial sphere: is the law getting it right? (PDF)
Jessica Riley Is New Zealand Settling? A Critical inquiry into the Taxation of Trusts (PDF)
Kesia Ngaire Sherwood Stuck in detention - the Connection between disengaging from school and youth offending in New Zealand (PDF)
Stacey Thomson More than "a matter of speculation" The limited application of the Foreign Act of State Doctrine (PDF)
Simon Lawrie Tomkins Problems with part 6: Fixing New Zealand's animal research, testing and teaching regime (PDF)
Tessa Vincent An uncharitable appeal framework for charities: is it time for a charity tribunal? (PDF)
Dara Joy Watson The mens rea of criminal attempt in the law of New Zealand (PDF)
Emily Wu The route to academic success: No longer just hard work (PDF)
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