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Natalie Coates Me Mau Nga Ringa Maori I Nga Rakaua Te Pakeha? Should Maori Customary Law be Incorporated into Legislation?
Daniel Eyre Corporate and Catholic? A Critique of Corporate Law Based on the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching"
Heidi Gray Inequality in Equal Division: Embracing a Canadian Approach to Remedy Economic Inequality Upon Relationship Breakdown
Ricky Hann An Accident Waiting to Happen: Criminal Liability When Death Occurs During Participation in Adventure Sports in New Zealand
Matthew Harrop Something for Nothing: Copyright, ISP Liability and P2P File Sharing
Holly Hedley Doctoring in the Digital Age: A Discussion of Potential Regulatory Solutions for International Telemedicine in New Zealand
Alice Irving Methamphetamine, Psychosis and the Insanity Defence
Honor Lanham Walk the Plank: Somali Pirates and International Law
Alex Latu A Public/Private Power Play: How to Approach the Question of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990's Direct Application Under Section 3(b)?
Joshua McGettigan Burying Climate Change Underneath the Ground: A Carbon Capture and Storage Regulatory Framework for New Zealand
Cecilia Milne Legal Professional Privilege and the 'Copy Document Conundrum'
Kate Muirhead Medicine for the Soul: Should the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights Apply to Christian Healing Practices?
Hannah Musgrave What Makes Race So Special? Should hate speech provisions under the Human Rights Act 1993 be extended to cover target groups other than race?
Emma Peart Contracts for Land: The Writing Requirement and the Equitable Exception
Megan Roberts The Continuing Saga of Swiss-Type Claims: Their Scope and Potential Applicability to Pharmacogenomics
Elizabeth Rutherford Funding Fair Play In Action Monetary Remedies In Judicial Review
Rupert Sherman Caught in Limbo: The Palestinian Authority and the Misunderstood State in International Law
Sarah Watson A corporate bombshell for New Zealand? The Australian High Court case Sons of Gwalia v Margaretic
Anthony Wicks A Private Law Issue in “Public Law Drag?”: Government Contract Award Processes and Judicial Review in New Zealand
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