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Sarah Anderson “Equity”, claims the EPA: A critical feminist analysis of the equal pay act 1972 (PDF)
Jeanne-Marie Bonnett Connecting the Dots: Determining the Most Appropriate Connecting Factor in Cases of Cross-Border Intestacy (PDF)
Emily Boyle Justice for Our Genes - The Consequentialist Case for Genetic Non-discrimination Regulations in the New Zealand Life Insurance Industry (PDF)
Jiarun Chambers Commercial Negotiations or Illegitimate Pressure? Lawful Act Economic Duress in Light of Pakistan International Airline Corporation v Times Travel (UK) Ltd (PDF)
Danielle Cooper Incorporating climate change in free trade agreements: Prospects for an EU/UK-NZ FTA (PDF)
Aneesha Dahya Human Rights Responses to Climate Change: Complicit with Colonialism (PDF)
Pip Dwyer “Cancel culture on steroids”¹ or a Justified Limitation on Freedom of Expression: New Zealand's Hate Speech Proposals (PDF)
Joe Garry Deference in the Control of Contractual Powers (PDF)
Shania Gibb Stealthing: Sexual Assault (PDF)
Bianca Hawkins Reconsidering Directors' Reckless Trading Duty Under Section 135 of the Companies Act 1993 (PDF)
Jack Heath “Every Artist Was First an Amateur” A response to the artist resale royalty right's supposed inconsistency with New Zealand's common law legal system (PDF)
Maddy Lindemann Advance directives in an amended New Zealand Mental Health Act (PDF)
Ben McCook-Weir David Hockney and the Wolfenden report using art as a lens to understand the social reality of law (PDF)
Hayley McGough Maintaining Integrity in Illegality: Comparing the Use of Discretion in Granting Relief for Contracts Tainted by Illegality in the United Kingdom and New Zealand (PDF)
Nur Syairah Mohd Nizam Seeing Eye to AI - A Modest Case for an Algorithmic Sentencing System in New Zealand (PDF)
Hansaka Ranaweera Stay in Your Lane? The Justiciability of Public Authority Decisions in Negligence (PDF)
Kate Rawcliffe Legal Charity and the Public Purse (PDF)
Rachel Spencer Framework for Fairness: A Purposive Approach to Labour Law Evaluation of the Proposed Fair Pay Agreements (PDF)
Kelly Stitely A woman of her word. A feminist analysis of contract interpretation principles (PDF)
Kelly Thompson New Zealand Labour Law and Dependent Contractors: time to fill the 'grey zone' (PDF)
Zakary Trapski Assessing the FISAbility of FISA: Will the Pendulum Swing Too Far? (PDF)
Philip Trebilco Theoretical Justifications for the Judicial Approach to Problematic Super Discretionary Trusts (PDF)
Mikala Wright Patenting Pharmaceuticals? The Impact of a New Zealand Doctrine of Equivalents Following Actavis v Eli Lilly (PDF)
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