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Manon Blackman Zero Carbon Bill or Zero Impact Bill? New Zealand's Climate Change Mitigation Law and Agriculture (PDF)
Tommy Brennan “You're a bad boy, but thanks”: a critical analysis of New Zealand's insider trading regime (PDF)
Raffaele Darroch Ex ante versus ex post: Regulating the digital economy (PDF)
Laura Elliott A Conceptual Framework for Adjudication in Water-take Cases – A Case Study on Water Bottling (PDF)
Gracey Farquharson Promises and Perils: Supported Decision-Making, Legal Capacity and Rights (PDF)
Leandra Fiennes New Zealand's Climate refugee visa – a Framework for positive change? (PDF)
George Fitzgerald Contesting the colonial: A critical analysis of developments in Māori-Crown relations (PDF)
Elizabeth Hadlow Keeping mum: Should doctors be able to breach confidentiality to inform patients' relatives of genetic risks? (PDF)
Josh Hayes “Don't ask me, it was the trust”: Rebalancing the rights to distributions between creditors and beneficiaries of trading trusts (PDF)
Jaime Laing Robbing Peter to pay Paul: A principled approach to Ponzi clawback claims in New Zealand, in light of the Supreme Court decision in McIntosh v Fisk (PDF)
Meghan Laing Details make the difference: A critique of New Zealand's proposed abortion law (PDF)
Xin Yee Lau Busting Trusts When a Relationship Breaks Down? Reforming Section 44C of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (PDF)
Caitlin Leigh 'Don't Worry Baby, I've had the Jab': A Legal Overview of Genetic Engineering in Pest Control (PDF)
Lily Leishman A Compelling Idea: Jus Cogens and the Power of the United Nations Security Council (PDF)
Gianna Menzies Waling in Circles: Why the Criminal Cases Review Commission proposal does not break the circularity in addressing the miscarriages of justice (PDF)
Benjamin Methven Freshwater Scarcity and the RMA: Developing legal tools to achieve efficient outcomes (PDF)
Holly Moffett The trial before the trial: the effects of the Evidential Test on the prosecution of sexual violation (PDF)
George Mohi He Whakaaro Hou – A Critical Legal Theory Perspective on the Future of Māori Land Law Reform (PDF)
Rachel Monkhouse Using insights from psychology to inform climate change regulation (PDF)
Bokyong Mun The myth of the de-legalisation of scientific evidence and climate change adjudication (PDF)
Henry Neas The capability case for co-operative housing (PDF)
Theodore Rose Time is running out: The urgency of mandatory environmental disclosure in New Zealand Securities Market Law (PDF)
Connor Seddon Calibrating the reasonableness test of judicial review in a New Zealand context (PDF)
Hannah Short Getting the balance right: Taking a capability approach to residential tenancy reform in New Zealand (PDF)
Clara Sinclair Trial and error: Holding leaders responsible for conflict-related sexual violence at international criminal law (PDF)
Craig Tatley Over and above: reparations for loss of earnings under the New Zealand criminal justice reparations scheme where ACC weekly compensation entitlements are present (PDF)
Jack Trevella Citizens assemble! Rethinking the lead up to referendums in New Zealand (PDF)
James Waugh I need some more kava! Reviewing the stress of Pacific small island developing states wishing to Accede to the World Trade Organisation (PDF)
Adam White A force to be reckoned with? – The International Criminal Court and the problem of enforcement (PDF)
Timothy Wilkinson The rule-based right to terminate indefinite contacts (PDF)
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