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Sarah Anderson Nanny in the Pantry - Childhood Obesity and the Role of the State
Nadine Baier Fitting the Time to the Crime: Sentencing for Homicide
Heidi Baillie Joint Ministerial Decision-Making and Legal Accountability
Grace Boos The Domestic and International Protection of Maori Cultural Property
Jordanna Bowman Copying with Culture: Copyright, cultural expression and inadequacy of protection for Maori
Helen Churchman Doomed after Doha? Exploring the Future of Agricultural Trade Regulation
Robert Clarke The devil we knew? Deregulation and misuse of market power in New Zealand's telecommunications industry
Thomas Cleary Gene Patents: Should New Zealand Let the Gene Genie Out of the Patent Bottle?
Nicola de Wit A Gaping Abyss: Environmental Regulation of New Zealand's Oceans
Warren Forster Back to the Future: Compensating Injured Workers for Lost Income
Charlotte Greenfield Alternatives to the Partial Defence of Provocation
Sarah Jacobs Crossing the Line into Crime: How Close is Too Close? Proximity in Attempt Following R v Harpur
Brooke Johnston Prosecuting Hissène Habré: An African Dilemma
Elisha Kemp Rules of War: Legality of the Gaza Blockade and Israeli Defence Force Actions Towards Flotilla Vessels and Passengers
Mark Leslie Putting the Tort in Torture: State Immunity in Civil Cases for Human Rights Abuses Breaching Peremptory Norms
Kate Macey The "Torture Memos": The Legality under International Human Rights Law of the CIA's Use of 'Enhanced Interrogation Techniques' on al-Qaeda Detainees
Liam McNeely The "Irreducible Core" of Trusts in New Zealand
Samuel Mellor Regulating Online Conduct: Conundrums and Spatial Metaphors in the Wild West
Luke Morrison Legal Responses to Non-Life Threatening Medical Neglect
Sophan Tep Pearson The Testamentary Promises Act: To Be or Not to Be? Would a Testamentary Promises Claim by Any Other Means still be as Sweet?
Ben Prebble Should Tax Avoidance be Criminalised? Tax Avoidance and Criminal Law Theory
Zoe Roborgh Examination orders in the search and surveillance bill: Is their bark worse than their bite?
Jeremy Stewart Robbing Peter to pay Paul? Shareholder compensation for violations of continuous disclosure obligations in New Zealand securities law
Elizabeth Thomas "Tinkering in the Constitutional Shed": The Regulatory Standards Bill and Legislative Quality in New Zealand
Deborah Tillett "Did you Not Say No?" How Cross-Examination May Influence Child Witnesses' Accuracy and the Viability of the 'Intermediary' Solution
Tessie von Dadelszen Another Brick in the Wall? Parental Education as a Response to Youth Crime
Samuel Wevers Recognising Rangatiratanga: Sharing Power With Maori Through Co-management
Kirstie Wyss Visual Identification: Is the Current Law Sufficient to Protect Against Misidentification?
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