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Jesse Aimer Big decisions in uncertain depths: Adaptive risk management of deep seabed mining in international waters (PDF)
Bronwyn Bailey Litigation funding: Some modest proposals (PDF)
Kelsey Baird Dead body, surviving interests: The role of consent in the posthumous use of sperm (PDF)
Luiz Buck Meal tickets for life? The perennial question of post-separation equality in New Zealand (PDF)
Ffion Davies Children as blessing: A reason for undermining autonomy? (PDF)
Milly Davies Mi casa es tu casa: Exploring a problem-solving approach to landlord-tenant disputes at the Tenancy Tribunal (PDF)
Matthew Dynes-Morgan Is there really an 'alternative'? The conflict between accounts of profits and compensation (PDF)
David Emanuel The use of secret evidence in New Zealand court proceedings: Balancing national security with the right to a fair hearing (PDF)
Jack Edmond Potential responses to the threat of 'fake news' in a digitalised media environment (PDF)
Kirsten Eskildsen Procuring a cure using the law: A legal ethics analysis of utilising lawyers in healthcare settings to improve patient health and access to justice (PDF)
James France Estates on ice: The case for the paternity and succession rights of posthumously conceived children (PDF)
Angus Hancock A Dispute about Disputes: New Zealand and the Future of ISDS (PDF)
Jessica Hayes A shifting tide: The implications of King Salmon on resource consent decision-making under the Resource Management Act 1991 (PDF)
Jake Henderson The Weight of Silence - An Analysis of the Forensic Implications of Pre-Trial Exercise of the Right to Silence (PDF)
Luke Higgins Marae-based courts and the Sentencing Act 2002: Paving a way to parallelism? (PDF)
Lauren Holloway Taking justice to rehab: How can criminal responsibility accommodate scientific understanding of addiction (PDF)
Adele Isaacs Making dollars, not sense: The Tax Administration Act's requirement for impartial partiality (PDF)
Stephanie Knowler Taming the unruly horse: The public policy exception in private international law in the context of human rights (PDF)
Natasha Lea A gross oversight? An analysis of the statutory introduction of covenants in gross and their potential threat to the boundaries of property law (PDF)
Emma Leahy Reconciling rights: How should New Zealand courts approach the issue of conflicting rights? (PDF)
Taoran Li More than just private law? The sui generis Crown-Māori fiduciary relationship in Proprietors of Wakatū v Attorney-General(PDF)
Jessie Malcolm Exploring the enigma: Enhancing digital rights in the age of algorithms (PDF)
Victoria Manning New Zealand's regulation of distributed ledger technology applied to securities settlement (PDF)
Hannah McCay What you see is not what you get: Concepts of property in the Unit Titles Act 2010 (PDF)
Sophie Mentink Intrinsic values of ecosystems and the Resource Management Act 1991: Approaching section 7(d) with more imagination (PDF)
Patrick O'Boyle Expanding the constitutional protection of property rights to address regulatory takings (PDF)
Harry Pye A critical analysis of the valuation of professional practice interests under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (PDF)
Caitlin Sargison A Sobering Inquiry: How New Zealand's Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court has Removed Fundamental Legal Protections From Drug and Alcohol Dependent Participants (PDF)
Matthias Schorer Regulating to Support Privacy disclosures – The First Step Towards Avoiding an Internet of Things Dystopia (PDF)
William Shaw Contracting out of contractual freedom: No-oral modification clauses and effecting party intention (PDF)
Tim Shiels (Diceyan) paradise reforged? Mapping the growing acceptance of constitutional entrenchment in New Zealand (PDF)
Holly Smaill 'Relationship expectations', consent and women's self-ownership (PDF)
Nicholas White Identifying identifiability: Re-assessing certainty of subject-matter of trust in light of Proprietors of Wakatū v Attorney-General(PDF)
Sophie White Māori freehold land and climate change adaptation (PDF)
Grace Williams Embryo research in legal limbo: A critique of the legal framework for embryo research in New Zealand (PDF)
Tamara Wimsett Brave new genome: Gene editing in New Zealand healthcare (PDF)
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