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Thomas Barraclough How far can the Te Awa Tupua (Whanganui River) proposal be said to reflect the rights of nature in New Zealand
Henry Benson-Pope Being a Party to the Crimes of an Adversary: R v Gnango in the New Zealand Setting
Alec Dawson How to Defend (and Attack) the Resource Management Act: The Principled Consequences of Reducing Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making
Alexandra Flaus Familial Searches and the New Zealand DNA Profile Databank: The Thin Edge of the Genetic Wedge?
Emma Gattey Do New Zealand Courts Regard Tikanga Māori as a Source of Law Independent of Statutory Incorporation? Or is Anglo-inspired Common Law Still “the sole arbiter” of Justice in New Zealand?
Lucy Harris Do New Zealand Psychiatrists Have a Duty to Protect Potential Victims of their Patients' Violence?
Phoebe Harrop Minority Report or Majority Safety? fMRI, Predicting Dangerousness and a Pre-Crime Future
Sam Holmes Refusals to Deal in Intellectual Property: Navigating the Interface between Competition Law and Intellectual Property
Melanie Jagusch Māori Property and Commercial Rights to Freshwater: The Potential for Recognition and Redress Following Judicial Decisions in 2012-2013
Thomas Jemson For the Love of Money, Football, and Competition Law: An Analysis of whether UEFA's Financial Fair Play Regulations breach European competition law
Evan Jones Has the Supreme Court Turned and Waved Goodbye to the Essence of the New Zealand Securities Regime?
Guy Jones Legal Personality and the Responsibility of International Organizations
Rachael Jones The Problem of Constitutional Law Reform in New Zealand: A Comparative Analysis
Stephen Laing Two forms of the fiduciary relationship
Thomas Latimour When Should “Yes” Mean “No”? Informed Consent to Sexual Activity, Mistake, and the Role of the Criminal Law
Dipti Manchanda “Teaching Them a Lesson”: the Accountability of Partnership Schools to Students and Parents
Laura Manson Quenching the Thirst: International Investment Law and Freshwater Reform in New Zealand
Tiho Mijatov The Use of Dissents in New Zealand
Nicole Millar Polar Pirates: Friend or Foe? Should the definition of piracy be altered to exclude the activities of Sea Shepherd in the Southern Ocean
Megan Neill Return of the Moa: Is our law ready for extinction that's not forever?
Stephen Parry Howling at the Moon: Does the law provide adequate protection to the public from the dangers posed by dogs not under effective control?
Wade Pearson Clarity in the Court of Appeal: Measuring the readability of judgments
Jesse Roth Regulating Archival Access in New Zealand: An Argument for Greater Transparency and Accountability
Natasha Smith Veils, Frauds, and Fast Cars: Looking Beyond the Fixation on Piercing to the Illusory Protection Provided by Incorporation
James Tait-Jamieson Regulating for Democracy: A Critical Analysis of the New Zealand Law Commission's Proposed News Media Regulator
Jason Zwi Achieving Meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility: Implementing and Justifying Systemic Reform
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