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Amy Elvidge Trying Times: The Right to a Fair Trial in the Changing Media Environment
Michael Forster Legal Objectivity: A Defence of Right Answers in the Law
Laura Fraser Property Rights in Environmental Management: The Nature of Resource Consents in the Resource Management Act 1991.
Natasha Garvan Changing the Landscape of Heritage Buildings in New Zealand
Nick Hansen Courting the Sovereign 'The Sovereign Wealth Fund Phenomenon: Is New Zealand prepared?'
Catherine Helm Embryo Donation: Adoption in Disguise? Locating Embryo Donation within the Adoption and Assisted Reproductive Technology Frameworks.
Ruth Jeffery Incapacity and Consent to Medical Treatment - Inconsistencies and Uncertainties in the Application of the Objectives of the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988.
Sandra Jungen Adapting to climate change: The implications of species movement for New Zealand environmental law
Ronen Lazarovitch An Expected value approach to evaluating uncertainty in New Zealand merger analysis
Duncan MacKenzie Abusing the Corporate Form: Limited Liability, Phoenix Companies, and a Misguided Response
Bridgette Martin Secession and Statehood: The International Legal Status of Kosovo.
Daniel Pannett Judicial Review in New Zealand: A Preference for Difference?
Rebecca Thomson Deliberation in New Zealand's House of Representatives: Whether it occurs, and why it matters.
Asha Trotter Revisiting Compensation for Loss: Blake and Contractual Damages
Annalise Vucetich RBNZA and CIMA: Acronyms for Disaster? Crisis Management in the New Zealand Financial System.
Fergus Whyte Bias and the Special Place of the Supreme Court
Joshua Williams Land use for pre-1990 forestry: Who Bares the Cost of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme?
Gina Williamson A (Sufficiently) Comprehensive Development Framework? World Bank Development Policy and the Right to Development.

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