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Brendan Austin The Fraud Exception Exposed: A Bilta Approach to Corporate Attribution
Freya Bayne Casting a Wide Net: Domestic Legislative Responses to Global Threats of Terror
Matthew Beck A Liberalised Model for the Legalisation of Cannabis in New Zealand
Benjamin Bielski Final Settlement Clauses in Treaty Settlement Legislation
Chris Boswell O'Neill v Phillips: A Solution all shareholders can agree on?
Anna Brenstrum The Viability of a Model Statute on Climate Change Litigation in New Zealand
Rachel Carter “For those who've come across the seas”: Australia's obligations under international human rights and refugee law to asylum seekers processed offshore in Nauru and Papua New Guinea
Lucy Clifford “Are You My Mother?”: A More Complicated Question than Distinguishing Birds from Barnyard Animals: The Determination of Legal Parentage in Surrogacy Arrangements in New Zealand
Genevieve Coleman Are You Really Okay? An Easier and More Effective Solution for Obtaining Protection Orders
Amy Corkery Debugging Computer Crime: A 13-Year Analysis of the “Crimes Involving Computers” Provisions of the Crimes Act 1961
Mark Evans Unanimous Assent to the Duomatic Principle: Acceptance in New Zealand
Georgiana Fraser Legal Personhood for Animals in New Zealand
Nick Gillard Knowing Where to Draw the Line: Assessing the Protection of Fine Art from Censorship in New Zealand
Chrystal Hadfield Interfering with Choice of Law: The Employment Relations Act 2000 as an Overriding Mandatory Rule
Dannielle Hall Taking a Gamble An Appraisal of Problem Gambling's Approach to the Justiciability of Government Tendering Decisions
Lucy Henderson Innovators or Rule Breakers? Regulating Uber, Airbnb & The Sharing Economy
Nayoung Kwon A Very Complicated Game of Hide and Seek: Will Automatic Exchange of Information Become a Game Changer in International Tax Evasion?
Bethany Mathers Solving the Corporate Issue from Couch v Attorney General: How can Legal Persons be Subjectively Reckless?
Sean McIntyre Can I help you with that? Assisted Suicide in New Zealand
Pip McNabb Raising the Age of Youth Justice: Should 17 Year Olds Be Included Within New Zealand's Youth Justice System?
Waiana Mulligan Regulating a Healthy Lifestyle: The Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade and health warning labels on tobacco, alcohol and food products
George Niven One Rule to Rule Them All: A Unitary Standard of Bias in Judicial Review
Charles Owen Climate Change in New Zealand: Constitutional Limitations on Potential Government Liability
Melanie Redding Mitigated Homicide: A Partial Defence to Murder and a Sentencing Tariff for Manslaughter
Jake Robertson 'Climate Change Refugees': The Extent New Zealand Law Protects Migrants Displaced by Climate Change
Lily Ryken A Mental Health Court for New Zealand?
Nicola Southall Looking Backwards and Forwards: A Critique of New Zealand's System for Compensating the Wrongly Convicted
Nick Stringer Fresh Perspective on Freshwater
Rebecca Tasman-Jones Advance Directives: Concerns regarding the expansion of Informed Consent and the need for Stricter Regulations
Josie Te Rata Fortifying Family Protection: The Need for Anti-Avoidance Provisions in the Family Protection Act 1955
Ezra Tie There is Really No Such Thing as Alternative Medicine The Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill
James Tocher Multinational Enterprises and the Incentives to Take Risks: Rethinking Company Liability for Parent Companies in Cases of Tort
Jan Verberne All Laws Are Created Equal, Some Just More Equal Than Others: How the Law Perpetuates Inequality
Peter Wigglesworth Protecting the Modern Precariat: An Analysis of the 2016 Employment Law Amendments in New Zealand
Lauren Zwi Combating the Undervaluation of Women's Work: Why New Zealand Should Have Pay Equity Legislation
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