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Fraser Aitken Trusting Cryptocurrencies: Aspects of the Common Law and Equity Affecting Cryptocurrency Owners (PDF)
Hannah Atkinson “Regulated or Not, Here I Come”: Regulating Sex Robots in New Zealand (PDF)
Ricky Balfour Of Declarations, Dialogue and Deference: Evaluating the Taylor v Attorney-General saga in New Zealand's constitutional evolution (PDF)
Jacob Bird An Analogue System of Competition Law in a Digital World: How Should New Zealand Respond to the ACCC's Digital Platforms Inquiry? (PDF)
Meg Bradley Is Preventive Detention Still Necessary? A Case for Reducing Excess (PDF)
Hugo Coleman Directors Lacking Direction: Critiquing the Framework of Directors' Duties as it Currently Stands Under the Companies Act 1993 (PDF)
Joseph Corbett Equitable Exemplary Damages: Have We Made Coward of Conscience? (PDF)
Olivia Crombie Resolving the Uncertainty Following Harman v Director of Proceedings: Should Patients be able to Waive the Right to be Fully Informed about Medical Treatment? (PDF)
Sofija Cvitanovich Directing the Company in a Changing Climate (PDF)
Sarah Dippie Non-Lawyer Employment Advocates and the Trade-Off Between Accessibility and Capability (PDF)
Molly Dore Intention in Tension? Evaluating Evidence of Intention in Contract Construction (PDF)
Francesca Dykes Pushing Boundaries: Novel Torts and Climate Change in Light of Smith v Fonterra (PDF)
Hugo Fletcher Courts of Justice, not Law: Analysing the place of the #MeToo movement in our legal system (PDF)
Erin Gatenby The Credibility and Reliability of the Evidence of a Witness with a Mental Condition: An Analysis of New Zealand Evidence Law (PDF)
Erin Gourley Behind Bars: A critical analysis of limitations on prisoners' rights under the NZBORA (PDF)
Angus Gray Passing Off Passing Off: Dilution and the Unprincipled Extension (PDF)
Sarah Gray Denying Contractual Relief to Greenhouse Gas Emitters? (PDF)
James Hartshorn The Sound of 'One Hand Clapping'?: The construction of meaning, the push of deference and the pull of unity in New Zealand tax law (PDF)
Madeleine Holmes Justice in your Pyjamas? Analysing a Proposal for Continuous Online Resolution in New Zealand (PDF)
Kate Hursthouse Correlativity is Not Causation: A Principled Approach to Account of Profits for Breach of Fiduciary Duty (PDF)
Jacobi Kohi-Morris Ko Wai Te Mana Whenua? Identifying Mana Whenua Under Aotearoa New Zealand's Three Laws (PDF)
Luka Letica Abolishing Consent as a Defence to Violent Acts Performed on Women in the Production of Hardcore Pornography (PDF)
Yang Li Is Causation different in Equity? The problem with Equitable Compensation for Breach of Fiduciary Duty (PDF)
Georgina Lomax-Sawyers Weeding Out the Issues with the Land Transport (Drug Driving) Amendment Bill (PDF)
Zahra McDonnell-Elmetri The Crime of Ecocide: The Answer to our Environmental Emergency? (PDF)
William McKenzie The Legal Challenges of Algorithmic Management in the Workplace (PDF)
Caitlin McLintock “Greening” NZBORA: Should New Zealand Recognise a Human Right to a Healthy Environment? (PDF)
Rebecca Meikle Is a Norm of Liability Required for a Multinational Corporation to be Liable under Customary International Law? (PDF)
Katherine Mills Risk in the Resource Management Act 1991: How should the Environment Court of New Zealand predict the future? (PDF)
Phoebe Murray A Case Study on Problematic Tax Benefit Laws and what we can Gain from a Principled Approach to Tax Policy Design (PDF)
Bridget Newman DNA Dilemma: Reconciling the Presumption of Innocence with New Zealand's DNA Databanks (PDF)
Penny O'Brien A Target on your Back? Regulating Targeted Advertising on Facebook (PDF)
Liberty Ockwell Lessons from Myriad: potential and pitfalls in determining the scope of “manner of manufacture” for nucleic acid 'inventions' under section 14(a) of the Patents Act 2013 (PDF)
Rebecca Ong Whose Interests Are We Really Protecting? Regulatory Capture in the New Zealand Animal Welfare Regime (PDF)
Eva Pearson This is a “Compelling Case”: The Case for Pre-recording the Entire Testimony of Child Witnesses in Aotearoa New Zealand (PDF)
Antonia Post Continuous Disclosure and Class Action Lawsuits – What Does the Future Hold for New Zealand? Assessing the appropriate balance between issuers' and investors' interests (PDF)
Esmee Powell Three-way Parenting? A Critical Analysis of the Transferral of Legal Parentage in Surrogacy Arrangements in New Zealand (PDF)
Aleisha Ruske Keeping an AI on the future: An investigation into whether New Zealand's antitrust law is capable of addressing algorithmic collusion (PDF)
Henry Sullivan The Cost of Cow Flatulence: How to Price Agricultural Emissions According to Responsive Regulatory Theory (PDF)
Romy Wales “It Gets Out The Truth”: Analysing the Place of the P300 Concealed Information Test in the New Zealand Legal Landscape (PDF)
Emily Watt Catching Carbon at the Border: A Legal Analysis of the Prospects for WTO-Compliance of an EU Border Carbon Adjustment Measure, and the Relevance of Such a Measure for New Zealand (PDF)
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