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Oliver Allum Conflict of Laws and Relationship Property: Allowing a New Zealand Court to Apply Foreign Law in the Absence of a Choice of Law Agreement
Charlotte Aspin There is No Plan B: The Necessity of Public Participation in the Plan Making Process
Georgia Bellett A new approach to Tax Secrecy Does a move toward taxpayer confidentiality pose a threat to the integrity of the tax system?
Sanne Berkman Children in Relationship Property Proceedings: Are they getting a fair share?
Mark Bracey New Zealand's Emissions Trading Scheme: An In-depth Examination of the Legislative History
Elliot Brownlee A Wolf in Agents' Clothing? In What Circumstances Can An Agent Compete With Its Principal?
Alex Christie Better safe than sorry? The preventive use of Community Treatment Orders under New Zealand's Mental Health Act
Phoebe Clifford My Body & I: A Novel Justification For A No-Fault Compensation Scheme
William Cosgriff Thinking Outside The Box: The Treatment of Sentenced Offenders At-Risk of Self Harm
Cara Crawford New Zealand's Accident Compensation Scheme – Mental Injury Cover At The Margins
Kalyani Dixit Finding The Balance: A Public Interest Test in the Dumping and Countervailing Duties Act 1988
Mitchell East A Free Licence: The Lack of External Checks on Police Undercover Operations in New Zealand
Megan Exton Personhood: A Legal Tool for Furthering Māori Aspirations for Land
Tasman Forgie Salomon's 'Accidental' Beneficiary. Evaluating the Ability of Creditors of Wholly Owned Subsidiary Companies to Seek Redress from the Parent Company
Rosemary Fowler Lessons From Cambodia: Towards A Victims-Oriented Approach To Contextual Transitional Justice
Natalie Fraser-Jones Separated at Birth: An Assessment of the Statutory Powers for Removal of Newborn Babies and Infants
Emily Fry Blockchain Innovation and Securities Regulation: An Analysis of Initial Coin Offerings under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013
Mitchell Heslip So Obvious It Goes Without Saying? An Argument for the Singaporean Approach to the Implication of Terms in Fact
Rachael Hodge Access to Justice in New Zealand's Private International Law
William Hulme-Moir Risk And Uncertainty In New Zealand's Fisheries Management: Adaptive Management Under The Fisheries Act 1996
Katherine Lee An Exercise of Government Power: HNZ and Methamphetamine Testing
Anne Lim Gangs and Guns: Is a Blanket Firearms Ban on Gangs Justified?
Emily McNaughtan Home is where the Half is: Division of the family home under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976
Courtney Naughton Abort Mission: A Recommendation for Reform of New Zealand's Abortion Law
Jared Papps Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But How Do Careless Words Hurt Me? Characterising the Doctrine of Negligent Misstatement in New Zealand Law
Luke Preston-Marshall Liquidation of Trading Trusts: Problems for Creditors (and a lack thereof)
Oska Rego Animal Welfare and the Resource Management Act 1991 Considering animal welfare under the Resource Management Act 1991 would improve the holism of resource management in Aotearoa and address shortcomings of the Animal Welfare Act 1999
Victoria Smaill How Discretionary are Contractual Discretions? A Critical Analysis of the Judicial Approach to Discretionary Powers in Commercial Contracts
Ella Smith Property Rights, Gametes, and Individual Autonomy How Can It Work for New Zealand?
Matthew Weaver Who Has Time to Read It Anyway? Financial Markets Disclosure, Mum and Dad Investors and the Theory of an Efficient Market
Owen Wilkinson Who cares about carers? The family carers saga and New Zealand's intermediate constitution
Camille Wrightson Judging Juries: Assessing a New Fact-Finder Model for Sexual Violence Trials
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