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Laura Ashworth Islamic Arbitration of Family Law Disputes in New Zealand
Catherine Deans Avoiding Arbitrary Detention of People with Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder
Amy Douglas Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Does the Treaty of Waitangi Provide an Avenue for Iwi to Assert Legal Interests in Minerals in the Crown Owned Conservation Estate
Matthew Gale Provoked to Action: The Implications of Repealing to Provocation Defence to Murder
Edward Greig The Māori Right to Development and New Forms of Property
Melissa Hammer Coming to a Consensus: Vector Gas and the Admissibility of Previous Negotiations in Contract Interpretation
Jess Hanning The Resource Management Act 1991: A Free Marketers Dream? The Influence of Libertarianism on the RMA
Sarah Kuper An Immature Step Backward for New Zealand's Youth Justice System? A Discussion fo the Age of Criminal Responsibility
Rachel Laing Down to Business: Patent Protection for Business Methods in New Zealand
Tania Lowe An Uncertain Purpose: The Position of Economic Well-being in Section 5 of the Resource Management Act 1991 An Uncertain Purpose: The Position of Economic Well-being in Section 5 of the Resource Management Act 1991
Kendal Luskie The Relationship between the New Zealand Crown and Māori: A Future for Fiduciary Obligations?
Anna McConachy 'You shouldn't have been born:' Does the regulation of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis send a discriminatory message to the Disabled Community?
Matt McKillop Emergency Powers of the New Zealand Government: Sources, Limitations, and the Canterbury Earthquake
Jude Murdoch Sound Off? Legal Checks on Religious Noise in New Zealand
Laurie O'Connor Humanitarian Intervention and the Crime of Aggression: The Precarious Position of the "Knights of Humanity"
Antoinette Robinson Children: Heard but not Listened to? Analysis of Children's Views in Decision Making under S6 of the Care of Children Act 2004
Jeremy Sparrow The Truth about the Maori Seats
Dena Valente Enforcing Promises: Consideration and Intention in the Law of Contract
Nat Walker Am I Authorised? Facilitating File Sharing in the Digital Age
Maia Wikaira Māori Ownership of Freshwater: Legal Paradox or Potential?

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