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Our Staff

For staff contact details please refer to the University of Otago directory

Head of Department

Deputy Head of Department – Māori

Deputy Head of Department – Teaching

Academic staff

Professional Practice Fellows / Teaching Fellows

External teaching staff

Research-only staff

  • Dr Ashik Banstola Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Rakesh Bastola Assistant Research Fellow
  • Dr Aline Boer Research Fellow
  • Mr Ben Bolton Assistant Research Fellow
  • Dr Donna Bond Scientific Officer
  • Dr Tamsin Braisher Assistant Research Fellow
  • Dr Caroline Decourt Research Fellow
  • Miss Sara Ferreira Research Technician
  • Dr Teo Georgescu Research Fellow
  • Dr Anna Gosling Research Fellow
  • Ms Emma Gowing Assistant Research Fellow
  • Ms Diane Guevremont Scientific Officer
  • Dr Laura Gumy Senior Research Fellow
  • Nethmini Haththotuwa Assistant Research Fellow
  • Mrs Megan Inglis Research Technician
  • Gert-Jan Jeunen Research Fellow
  • Dr Rena Jing Scientific Officer
  • Dr Kaj Kamstra Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Mr Zin Khant Aung Scientific Officer
  • Dr Elodie Kip Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Ms Pene Knowles Research Technician
  • Dr Sharon Ladyman Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Melanie Laird Research Fellow
  • Rebecca Lord Assistant Research Fellow
  • Dr Pascale Lubbe Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Ms Judith McHugh Assistant Research Fellow
  • Allison Miller Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Ms Fay Morland Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Chantelle Murrell Assistant Research Fellow
  • Dr Christine Neyt Research Technician
  • Dr Oscar Ortega Recalde Research Fellow
  • Dr Mohammed Rizwan Research Fellow
  • Dr Margaret Ryan Senior Research Fellow
  • Amit Sarker Assistant Research Fellow
  • Anurag Singh Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Associate Professor Jo Stanton Research Associate Professor
  • Victoria Sugrue Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Mrs Alex Sweetman Programme Business Manager
  • Michael Taylor Scientific Officer
  • Mr Jackson Treece Research Technician
  • Dr Chloe Van Der Burg Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Ruth Warren Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Dr Brooke Whitelaw Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Dr Joe Yip Research Fellow

Administration and finance staff

  • Debbie Acreman Finance Associate
  • Laura Bennison Administrator
  • Clare Dangerfield Lead Administrator
  • Duminda Karunarathne Administrator
  • Michelle Langham Administrator
  • Maureen Lloyd Administrator
  • Andrew Lonie Manager, Ageing Well National Science Challenge
  • Gemma McLaughlin Business Support Coordinator, Ageing Well National Science Challenge
  • Hannah Powell Administrator
  • Ms Rebecca Richardson Communications Adviser, Ageing Well National Science Challenge

Teaching and research support staff

  • Mr Tim Anstey Research and Teaching Equipment IT Technician
  • Miss Marlene Black Anatomy Museum Technician - Plastination
  • Ms Carol Dunstone Technical Manager
  • Ms Djuna Elkan Prosector
  • Jacob Galacgac Gross Anatomy Technician - Undergraduate Teaching
  • Mr Mark Gould Health and Safety Officer
  • Mr Jason Gray Technician - Department Operations
  • Ms Siti Hajar Teaching Laboratory Technician
  • Mrs Sue Hammond Teaching Support Technician
  • Kevin Hill Gross Anatomy Technician - Undergraduate Teaching
  • Miss Rachel Kinnaird Gross Anatomy Manager
  • Ms Rachna Luthra Anatomy Museum Technician - Teaching Support
  • Mr Ross Marshall-Seeley Scientific Officer - eLearning
  • Ms Kathryn McClea Body Bequest Liaison Officer
  • Ms Fieke Neuman Teaching Laboratory Manager
  • Mrs Liane Sim Teaching Laboratory Technician
  • Mr Chris Smith Museum Curator
  • Miss Ellie Stevens Gross Anatomy Technician - Quality Control
  • Nabila Tahsin Teaching Laboratory Technician
  • Ms Sharon White Anatomy Museum Technician - Wet Collection
  • Mr Alex Witherow General Assistant
  • Ms Elise Wolfgram Gross Anatomy Technician - Undergraduate Teaching

Research Support Services staff

  • Mrs Joanne Gillum Manager, Genetic Analysis Services


Honorary staff

  • Dr Eddy Dowle Honorary Research Fellow
  • Dr Kristen Fernandes Honorary Research Fellow
  • Dr Peter Hurst Honorary Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Phil Peplow Honorary Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Mark Stringer Honorary Professor
  • Associate Professor Nancy Tayles Honorary Associate Professor


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